Recovery time…

After 2 lovely weeks spent in Tuk-Tuk in order to let my body recover from its recent pavement tattoos, I left Sumatra and the crazy Batak people with a heavy heart, as their friendship and delicious meals had been a real help during these healing days. From Medan, direction Kuala Lumpur (yes, again !) where I took the cheapest flight Air Asia could offer me. Suspense…

After a couple of hours, Kuching, the capital city of Sarawak – one of the two Malay States on the island of Borneo – welcomed a Giant Jungoslave, its body full of scratches. And again, the friendship of the Malay people, their food, the peaceful atmosphere of this quiet city, cheap movies, great dormmates and excellent news coming from you, my friends, helped me to stay patient as well as to start recovering my fitness. The very frequent practice of yoga exercises and running in the middle of a park made my being feel better and better ! After 6 rich weeks in Kuching, I felt ready to hit the road again and discover the wonders of Borneo with a peaceful mind and a heart full of love…

Whatever happens next, I can truly say this year 2009 is the most exciting I’ve ever lived ! Naturally, I can only THANK you all so much for all the support you gave – and still give – me and wish…

…AN ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL YEAR 2010 TO ALL OF YOU ! Don’t forget the famous : CARPE DIEM, hi hi hi… 😉

May both peace and happiness enlight your days wherever you are,

Your Séb, happier than ever


~ par jungoslave sur janvier 10, 2010.

2 Réponses to “Recovery time…”

  1. La QUALITE des photos… tout comme celle de ta posture sur le ponton :-)))

  2. Mais ma parole, grand seb est devenu petit? Moins d’1m80, ça doit faire bizarre non de voir le monde depuis moins haut… t’est devenu un vrai caméléon tu arrives même à te changer physiquement pour t’imprégner du pays! Faudra que tu nous expliques ta tactique…
    Alors bonne suite de voyage, on se réjouit de te revoir aux apéros plage cet été!
    Bec et bonne année petit seb!

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