Peninsular Malaysia & Koh Tao (Part III)

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De retour chez le Koala Impur pour une courte étape impromptue sur ma route pour Koh Tao (tris). En ai profité pour visiter Melaka, charmante ville inscrite au Patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO. Après 24 heures de voyage, me voilà à nouveau sur l’île thaïlandaise de Koh Tao, prêt à retourner sur les bancs d’école durant 5 semaines pour suivre un Master en… apnée !?! 😉 Quel bonheur de pouvoir perfectionner ses capacités aquatiques, réveillant notre corps aux réflexes que nous partageons avec tous les mammifères marins ! Oui oui mes amis ; un dauphin sommeille en chacun de vous ! Vous y ajoutez un encadrement aussi professionnel que chaleureux, une équipe d’étudiants qui partagent la même passion pour l’élément liquide et les franches rigolades, le retour dans une famille espagnole étendue pour l’occasion, des performances à la hauteur des sensations ressenties, une nourriture aussi variée que saine, un temps plus que clément ainsi qu’un coeur rempli d’amour… Vous secouez bien et obtenez un Jungoslave resplendissant de bonheur avec des rires retentissant à travers toute l’île !!! Que voulez-vous de plus ? Ah oui : des photos bien sûr 😉

Back to Kuala Lumpur for a short stop on my way to Koh Tao. Took the opportunity to visit Melaka, a charming city that belongs to the World Heritage sites. After a 24-hour trip, here I come back on the Thai island of Koh Tao, ready to hit the benches of the school again, for 5 weeks, in order to attend a Master in… Apnea !?! 😉 So delightful to be able to sharpen ones aquatic capacities, awaking our body to the reflexes we share with every marine mammal… Yeah yeah my friends ; a dolphin dozes in every one of you ! You add a professional and warm supervision, a team of fellow students sharing the same passion for the liquid element and good laughs, a come-back in an extended Spanish family, performances as rewarding as the sensations experienced, a diverse and healthy food, a beautiful weather as well as a heart full of love… You shake well and get a Jungoslave shining happiness with laughs echoing across the whole island !!! What do you want more ? Ah yes : pictures of course 😉


Borneo Part II

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La paisible Kuching et les merveilles « grottesques » du Sarawak derrière moi, changement de décor avec le Sultanat du Brunei sa capitale Bandar Seri Begawan (BSB). Son excentrique étalage de richesses et sa quiétude, alliés au labyrinthe que constitue son village sur pilotis, créent des contrastes qui en déconcertent plus d’un. Une très courte escale sur l’île de Labuan plus tard, me voici à nouveau en Malaisie, dans l’état du Sabah cette fois. Le temps pour un heureux Jungoslave de se rendre (enfin) un peu utile en débroussaillant une cocoteraie… Ca fait du bien de transpirer et de se faire piquer par des nuages de moustiques en sachant que c’est pour le bien d’autrui, hi hi hi ! Après Kota Kinabalu et sa mer-poubelle, me voilà à nouveau dans mon élément : l’eau. Et pas n’importe laquelle ; celle entourant les îles de Sipadan, Mabul et Kapalai, sites classés parmi le top 10 par M. Cousteau lui-même ! Excusez du peu… Tombants verticaux de 600 m., tortues à foison, coraux intacts, requins, barracudas en bancs entiers, nudibranches de partout, poissons grenouilles, crabe ourang-outang et seiches flamboyantes entre autres curiosités locale. Vous pouvez donc aisément m’imaginer naviguer à ma guise entre macro et micro animaux marins à l’aide de mes deux bouteilles personnelles, aussi appelées « poumons ». Sensation de liberté absolue dans un paradis pour apnéiste et le parfait entraînement pour le Master en apnée à venir !

Votre rayonnant Seban

The peaceful Kuching and the wonderful caves of Sarawak behind me, Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital city of the Sultanat of Brunei, welcomed a happy Jungoslave. Its extravagant wealth and quietness, coupled with the maze of its Water Village on stilts are rich in contrasts that can easily disturb travellers. A very short stop over Labuan Island later, welcome back to Malaysia, but in the State of Sabah this time. Experiencing sweating and mosquito bites while clearing a coconut field made me feel (finally) useful for somebody else than my single person only. I really appreciated it 😉 After Kota Kinabalu and its sea-dustbin, I immersed myself into my favorite element : water… in Sipadan ! Considered – with its sister islands Mabul and Kapalai – as one of the World’s most beautiful dive sites by Mr Cousteau himself, I stumbled in front of its 600 meter reefs, ubiquitous turtles, healthy corals, sharks, schools of barracudas, nudibranchs everywhere, frogfish, orang-utang crab and flamboyant cuttlefish among other local curiosities. You can easily imagine how happy I felt while undulating between macro and micro marine animals, relying on my two personal air tanks also called « lungs ». FREEdiving at its best and the perfect training for the Master in Apnea to come !

Your beaming Seban

Mulu, c’est fou !

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Inscrit au patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO en 2000, le Parc national de Gunung Mulu accueille un réseau de grottes ainsi qu’une faune et flore uniques au monde… Alors, oui, les prix du trajet de 25 minutes en avion, du lit en dortoir et de la nourriture sont exorbitants – sachant qu’on se trouve en Malaisie – mais le spectacle en vaut l’investissement ! Il y en a vraiment partout et pour tous les goûts, ça n’arrête pas !


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Mulu is crazy !

On the UNESCO World Heritage Site List since the year 2000, the Gunung Mulu National Park is home to a cave network, a fauna and flora absolutely unique… So, yes, even if the prices of transportation (25 minutes by plane), accomodation and food are exorbitant – knowing we are still in Malaysia -, the investment is really worth it ! Wonders are everywhere and for everybody, it never ends !


Recovery time…

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After 2 lovely weeks spent in Tuk-Tuk in order to let my body recover from its recent pavement tattoos, I left Sumatra and the crazy Batak people with a heavy heart, as their friendship and delicious meals had been a real help during these healing days. From Medan, direction Kuala Lumpur (yes, again !) where I took the cheapest flight Air Asia could offer me. Suspense…

After a couple of hours, Kuching, the capital city of Sarawak – one of the two Malay States on the island of Borneo – welcomed a Giant Jungoslave, its body full of scratches. And again, the friendship of the Malay people, their food, the peaceful atmosphere of this quiet city, cheap movies, great dormmates and excellent news coming from you, my friends, helped me to stay patient as well as to start recovering my fitness. The very frequent practice of yoga exercises and running in the middle of a park made my being feel better and better ! After 6 rich weeks in Kuching, I felt ready to hit the road again and discover the wonders of Borneo with a peaceful mind and a heart full of love…

Whatever happens next, I can truly say this year 2009 is the most exciting I’ve ever lived ! Naturally, I can only THANK you all so much for all the support you gave – and still give – me and wish…

…AN ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL YEAR 2010 TO ALL OF YOU ! Don’t forget the famous : CARPE DIEM, hi hi hi… 😉

May both peace and happiness enlight your days wherever you are,

Your Séb, happier than ever

Jungoslavian siblings’ adventures

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Gosh my dear friends, gosh…

Nearly one year and still rockin’ the road ! Unbelievable… I simply can’t realise it.

The last two months were rich in emotions : after a very short 5th(!) visit to the crazy Bangkok, I headed to Koh Tao for the second time in order to learn apnea ( and meet a couple of Spanish travellers with whom I had already shared deep discussions around the Annapurna Range and who also did the 10-day meditation in Nepal. Learning how to hold my breath longer and dive deeper into the Ocean in company of my friend who was my personal instructor before enjoying the wonders of the Thaï food with him and his wife : what extraordinary feelings !!! The goodbyes were very difficult but hopefully I knew I was leaving them in order to meet my little sister in Malaysia ! 😉

13th October at night, « Selamat Datang Malysia » to Joëlle ! Two days resting in Kuala Lumpur before visiting the quiet island of Penang and enjoying the wonders of its eclectic food. A ferry trip later, we arrived in Sumatra, Indonesia, and started directly by heading to Pulau Weh, a tiny island close to Banda Aceh, which has been spared by both the tsunami and the mass tourism for the last 5 years. Selamat snorkelling Jojo & Seba ! 😉 Tons of fish overwhelming us, rays, turtles, shark, barracuda and even a lobster… The perfect environment to improve the Apnea skills learnt in Koh Tao ! A motorbike ride across the island and a huge Acehnese buffet (23 plates !) later, we were welcomed as old friends in the charming village of Bukit Lawang. Again, the people kindness and the food  struck us. Discovering the jungle marvels with a hilarious guide, meeting our cousins the orang-outans and other monkeys, swimming into crystal clear natural water, playing crazy games, sleeping in the jungle and finally rafting on truck tubes back to town… We both agreed to call this two-day jungle trek the climax of our Jungoslavian holidays 😉

Last step of our journey together : Danau Toba, the World’s biggest volcanic lake (twice the superficy of « our » Leman Lake), created by probaby the most powerful eruption of these last 25 million years. This explosion happened around 74’000 years ago, covered certain parts of Malaysia with a 9-meter layer of ashes and even changed the genetic code of the human race ! Nowadays, the beauty of the lake and its surrondings is breathtaking. The local people warmth is as huge as the lake dimensions and their food is as excellent their roads are dangerous. We experienced all of these statements with, as a result, wonderful « Indonesian road tattoos » covering our limbs. Fortunately, the accident wasn’t too serious and happened just before Joëlle’s journey back to Helvetialand…

Even if the everyday life became quite difficult for both of us, this final experience couldn’t erase all the great moments shared during these three weeks together. They definitely made our relationship grow stronger and surely will help my dear sister and I to enjoy life even more !

Between India and Jura

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After a 20-day rest in Cambodia, I have been welcomed by my Jurassian friend Fred in Delhi, from where we started a quiet and spiritual journey through Uttar Pradesh, crossing Agra and Varanasi. Wonderful and cheap vegetarian meals, meditation, yoga, chess games, monuments, holy temples, crowded avenues and deep metaphysics discussions filled our days in a really healthy and smooth way. It was probably the ideal journey to reload the batteries, physically and spiritually, before trying to imitate Jacques Mayol in Koh Tao. To be continued…

Thanks a lot my friend : it’s like having done a second Vipassana ! Be sure we will share our coming experiences wherever we will be… with Love and Equanimity 😉

With the navY

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He he he… One month travelling with the Couillu of Estavayer-la-Gouille, it imprints the mind… and the pellicule 😉

Koala L’Impur and Perhentian Island in Malysia as appetizers, Koh Phi Phi, Krabi & Bangkok in Thailand as main plates before taking the dessert in Cambodia by visiting the temples of Angkor, the whole thing with lots of discoveries, human beings, snorkelings, « aperhums » and, of course, laughs !!!

What a pleasure to share this Jungoslavian experience with you my friend ! You come back when you want 😉

And now, our « bus trip » in pictures :